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Biographie The benefits of the sieve technique include simple handling, low cost of operation, accurate and reproducible tests in comparatively short time and the

probability of separating the fractions of particle size. This method is therefore an accepted alternative to methods of analysing using laser light or image processing.

As the name implies, the design of a vibrating screen is based on the principle of transmitting vibrations to the screen surface in order

to separate and sort different particles by size. Regardless of the design of the machine, the principle remains the same: the vibrations break the surface tension between the particles, thus forcing them to

separate. Particles that are too small in size (called "fines") fall to the sieving surface. At the same time, particles that are too large are carried on the screen surface. This is an important

application in many industries, especially mineral processing.

Centrifugal sifter is a rotary screener designed to separate particles of different sizes into two product streams and remove impurities

and oversized materials, it can continuously screen powdery materials in the range of 80-530 mesh (common vibrating screens are difficult to Screening and grading of powdery materials above 200 mesh), even

when dealing with materials that are prone to peeling or clumping due to fat or moisture content, the combination of high centrifugal force and blade spreading action reduces sticking problems, and the

output is ordinary vibrating sieves 5-10 times.

Trommel screen is simple in design: a rotating cylindrical drum with perforation cavities which allow undersized material to pass through

the screen. The advantage of this design is a relatively lower cost. In fact, small, basic trommels can be made at home with relative ease.

Conveyor is a set of tools used to transport loads and materials quickly and efficiently within an area. This tool was created to facilitate work,

especially those related to moving large or heavy material from one location to another. Conveyors generally use belts, wheels, rollers, or chains to transport objects. This tool has been widely used in

various places, such as airports, food industry, supermarkets, etc. Modern conveyor systems and parts generally consist of belts and winches. The belt forms a closed loop around the hoist so the hoist will

keep turning. The movement system is controlled by pulleys.

Belt conveyor is the best efficient continuous transportation equipment for coal mine, compared with other transport equipment (such as

locomotives), it has the advantages of long transport distance, large transport capacity and continuous transportation. And it is reliable, easy to automate and centralize control.

One of the major advantages of the screw conveyor is that they are flexible in terms of design. They have more than one discharge and

inlet points. You can design a screw conveyor in such a way that it can have a number of inlet and release points.

The chain conveyor can be installed in a low cost. It is suitable to transport heavy weight products at steep places. This type of

conveyance can increase productivity. It has the capability of completing the task in a stipulated time frame.

Simply put, roller conveyor is a form of conveyor belt that utilizes rollers - evenly-spaced rotating cylinders - to allow objects to

skate across its surface. They move material from one place to another destination, and often leverage gravity or implement small motors to do so. The transported material must have a rigid riding surface

that is supported by a minimum of three of the rollers. They are ideal for accumulation applications, and the rollers can reduce the inertia of products at a higher speed, making them useful conveyors after

high speed sorting machinery.

An air conveyor is an automatic tool that transports material from one place to another. All the operation is run by the upper side of the

production plant. They are usually used when there are many operations on the floor at the production plant and a more dynamic and effective material flow is required. Very long conveyors are usually

implemented because they help to transport materials or products in different circuits of phases, before being finished products. Generally, the air conveyors are made of chain which is strong and has hooks

to set the products that might be irregular. These products must be distributed as supply in the assembly lines or to carry out specific processes, such as paint drying through an oven. The air conveyors are

frequently used at automotive assembly plants, automotive parts industry and home appliances companies. 
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