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Biographie With the advance of several methods and developments in the construction field, new construction materials and equipment are deployed to improve the excellence of work. Interlocking bricks are the improved version of the traditional bricks. They are made up of clay or cement and are slightly different in shape and structure. Interlocking bricks are manufactured in such a unique way that each brick gets locked itself with another brick using a shear key and lock mechanism. These bricks can be laid one after another without using any mortar or binding material.

Manufacture of interlocking bricks

Interlocking bricks are manufactured by blending and squeezing Sand, Soil, and Cement in a machine to enhance the strength and quality of the structure.

Design of Interlocking Bricks

In the design of the interlocking brick for container yard pavement, the structure of the shear-key will differ from one another. A lock is facilitated on the contrary side of the brick. Interlocking bricks come up with various shapes and sizes & the locking mechanism also varies and depends on the supplier.

Earthquake resistant Construction Material

The mortar is the primary means of seismic load transfer in traditional brick walls. During an earthquake, once the mortar fails to transfer the load, the complete structure gets affected and collapses. The self-locking structure of the interlocking bricks allows the seismic forces to scatter the stresses and seismic loads across the entire structure.

Do not require Plastering

Interlocking bricks are formulated with a smooth finish and texture. If you are utilizing interlocking bricks in the wall construction, there is no need of plastering the walls. Apply a thin layer of paint to give a smooth finish and elegant looks.

Low thermal mass facilitates cooler interiors

Walls constructed using interlocking bricks are less heat-intensive in nature as interlocking bricks have less thermal mass. Hence the interiors are much cooler.

Can be reused

When a building is being stripped down, interlocking bricks can be saved without destruction and reused for new construction in the future. 
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